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English Speaking Coffee

On March the 27th, our Foundation representatives accompanied by Sahra Cansu Yildirim, the daughter of the late Mehmet Yildirim, went to YILPORT Technical High School to receive awards administered by the school and local municipality on behalf of the generous philanthropy given by the YILDIRIM Family and Foundation. The awards ceremony also served as an opening to the English Café project at YILPORT Technical High School built by the Foundation.

This provided space, with the help of tablet computers, will help students practice their English-speaking skills actively to a theme each month. For over 2 years the English language project is being successfully delivered students of this school via help of the Foundation. The delivered program is interactive, live, dialogue-based to help improve student communicative skills delivered by native and non-native like teachers.

On the same day, the opening of the fully equipped Computer Laboratory, in the name of Ali Rıza YILDIRIM was announced. The 32 donated computers, by the Garip and Zeycan YILDIRIM Foundation, will be used for student development to provide high quality education for students to compete in this