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English W/Tech Program

 Troubled to learn this, we launched a pilot English program in 2019. The program aims to teach high school students English with an emphasis on speaking abilities. Adjusting to modern times, this program is based on the heavy use of advanced technology integration for blended learning, in order to motivate and capture the interest of Generation Z students. The goal of this program is to introduce rural Turkish students to easy-to-use and free/low cost English learning applications and tools, so that they understand how to best maximize use of their smart phone to enhance their learning. We want the students to know that learning English can be fun, feasible and free so we have partnered with Turkey’s top university/academic institution, Boğaziçi University, to get expert consulting from English language technology specialists. The ultimate goal and vision of this program is to make learning English self-sustainable, long after the program ends. Therefore, we introduce students to tools to continue self-learning in their daily life, with the motivation and methods needed.