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Erasmus Lessons

Within the scope of the ERASMUS project, held at YILPORT High School, the Foundation has helped deliver English language lessons for students on the program to help aid their foreign travels for internships in the logistics industry. In 2020, 10 eleventh and twelfth grade students were set to be handpicked by the Foundation’s English teacher, who was running a 3 month intensive program to learn English basic essentials. Five boys and five girls were to be heading to Romania and Portugal for an internship set in logistics as they are vocational students preparing to work directly in this industry.

As the ERASMUS internships was highly competitive and desired by many students, an initial 46 students were accepted into the program, based on their grades, to compete for the 10 spots available. Last semester, beginning in October, this same program operated for another 22 different students.

Survival English and logistics jargon was essential to learn to prepare the students for their 3 weeks abroad. The lessons were delivered via Zoom from the USA, accompanied by Turkish and foreign trainers.

Since the ERASMUS internship was unfortunately canceled due to the dangerous nature of the pandemic, the 3 month intensive program was done once again, this time preparing nearly 50 tenth grade students for next year’s internship, ahead of time.

The program equips youths travelling for an exchange program learn the English language autonomously and follow a personalized learning path based on their personal needs and preferences to live abroad.

We expect to fully support this program year after year as we believe in equipping and encouraging the youth traveling abroad for exchange programs.