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Happy Childhood Initiative

Born out of wanting to celebrate the exuberance of childhoods, The Happy Childhood Initiative was created with the purpose of carrying Ataturk’s vision forward. He believed that the future of Turkey’s success lied with children and that it was important to celebrate them.

As a Turkish based foundation, we wanted to extend his vision forward and create happier childhoods for children living with economic or health disadvantages.

The aim of this initiative is to create socially rewarding experiences and happy memories for underprivileged children with a mean to enrich their lives.

We want to celebrate life with them as we try to lessen the gap of any hindrance they may have. By providing them with life enriching experiences, we hope that we can transition them from happy and jubilant children to motivated, successful and content adults.

Each year, we run an annual campaign to gift toys and have an Ataturk’s Children’s Day party for different groups of disadvantaged youth throughout Turkey. Being tied to an international corporation, it is important that the Foundation carries that corporate DNA forward. To achieve this, we also sponsor different social activities to expose children to the arts and history so they may become more culturally aware as a person.