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At the YILDIRIM Foundation, we believe the youth are the leaders of tomorrow, and education is the biggest guarantor of success. We believe the quickest way to create social change within society is by empowering the youth on their journey of education. The more students are invested in, the more they will be encouraged to invest in others and shape future generations to come.

This is why a significant amount of our funding is in the forms of scholarships and grants to help students with educational and related costs.

Since the inception of the Foundation in 2015, we have given over 235 scholarships to deserving students in Turkey. Our scholarships are given as monthly, non-refundable grants during the academic school year to help students with living and educational costs. The funds are used at the students’ own discretion as supplemental income.

We pick our scholarship/grant recipients by financial need or by high academic performance.

We give special scholarships for the top graduate of each gender at schools constructed by our group, as a means to congratulate them. The Garip Yildirim scholarship is awarded to the highest performing male graduate, and the Zeycan Yildirim scholarship is given to the highest performing female, as a way to honor the namesakes of the foundation.

As these schools operate by the Turkish Ministry of Education, independent of the Group, we still try to show our support and keep good relation, by giving the students supplemental support that could be valuable for their studies and career.