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Teacher Development Program

GZYV Teacher Development Program is carefully designed to help teachers improve their speaking and comprehension English skills. As a completely FREE program, it is open to all teachers across Turkey to help them in their personal development for English as a second language.

We offer certificates of completion after two semesters, once teachers complete the course with at least an attendance rate of 80%. As we strive to change the perception and access to English education within Turkey, we believe educating educators is an important step in moving our mission forward.

Goals and objectives of the GZYF Teacher Development Program:

 • To enable teachers to practice their English through learning activities that integrate main English skills (writing, speaking, reading, listening) and with a particular focus on speaking skills.

 • To enable teachers to produce authentic projects using their English skills.

 • To enable teachers to improve their English language skills as part of their professional development activities, which will inevitably contribute to the development of their students, who will shape the future.