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TEFL Academy


As of October 1
st 2021, the GZY Foundation has partnered with the International TEFL Academy. We have played a great role in accumulating the opportunity for newly trained teachers to complete the necessary hours required for their TEFL certification. Ever since the start of the program there has been great interest and demand for the program.

The 20-hour required practicum is an essential component to a TEFL teacher’s training process, as it provides valuable insight and experience prior to obtaining the necessary qualification for independent teaching positions. These practicum hours are achieved either through observation, tutoring, or student teaching or as a combination, through our online teaching program: English W/Tech.

The YILDIRIM Foundation has aided the teachers with:

  • Creating a hands-on teacher training plan,
  • Applying teaching principles to real-life situations,
  • Building confidence in their skill and pedagogical style,
  • Gaining exposure to various learning styles and classroom situations,
  • Creating interactive and fun digital lesson plans.

Given by our trained teacher instructor within the Foundation, these skills help aid teachers in their training, and also add a valuable teaching experience for qualifying teachers. It also helps assist them in feeling better prepared, as well as add a competitive edge during their job search and interview process.  

Some of these teachers have also began training to teach our students in Turkey, as an international guest teacher for our FREE English Program: English W/Tech.