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Yılport Highschool English Learning Program

As an operating, private foundation, this year, we have launched our most significant program to date: extracurricular English classes to 100 students of Yılport Logistics Vocational High School. With this, we plan to plant our first seed of change for English as a second language in Turkey. We have partnered with Boğaziçi University, Turkey’s highest ranked university, to consult us on the integration of modern, advanced technology to capture the interest of digitally native, generation Z students. Most schools and programs in Turkey focus on traditional classroom-style teaching of grammar. We focus on speaking and conversation through the unconventional approach of technology. The goal of our program is to teach rural, high school students that learning English can be fun, feasible, and free. Therefore, we introduce them to efficient tools to motivate them to fun and hometown pride as well.