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 The following core values reflect the beliefs and character we stand by as Garip and Zeycan Yildirim Foundation. These principles guide our work to creating sustainable change:

   Integrity/Respect: We hold ourselves accountable to our founders’ ideals and aspirations

   Carrying out our work with uncompromising integrity and committing to the highest standards of conduct

   Communicating in an honest, clear, respectful and timely manner

   Using the resources entrusted to us in a responsible and effective manner

  Holding ourselves to the same standard that we ask of others 

   Compassion: We keep compassion as our core

   Innovation: We conduct ourselves in an innovative manner to pave a new path before us, authentic to our imprint/ourselves. We do not follow the crowd, rather we put our goals first and strive to fulfill them in the most meaningful manner to us.

   Collaboration/Community: We collaborate with enthusiasm, respect and purpose.

   Working with others with respect to their time, values and ideas.

   Fostering strong connections to empower, strengthen and support our vision

   Seeking out experts who can complete where we lack to bring about lasting change

   Acknowledging that our impact is a collaborative effort with our grantees and others

   Listening to varying perspectives, including those different than our own

   Gathering and implementing

   Fostering collaboration when we can create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts